Harrison 2.0

my off-grid house on wheels

Alternative living spaces like vans, boats or tiny homes are talked about everywhere these days. With more and more people striving for a more minimalistic life, living in the age of digitalization allows to permanently have your licence plate as permanent address.

Certainly it is the dream of every one of us digital nomads to explore our beautiful planet on our own terms and schedule. But in order to make the life on the road sustainable, everything has to work together like a clockwork. Same applies to building a van that suits your needs. Everything has to have it’s place and purpose, which effectively means that your needs won’t match mine and therefore your layout and equipment will vary from mine as well. Still I hope to give you some sort of a starting point in case you are at the very beginning of your process.

On this page you will be able to find information about my second van “Harrison 2.0” such as technical data and components I used for the build. I’m hoping this to be a resource for everyone out there that is in the process of planning and building their own off-grid home.

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